What is SalsaParty?


SalsaParty.hr is event managment organization, part of Centar Plesa in Split, just trying to spread dancing culture and offer alternative fun by dancing and training, move all the fun from bar to the dance floor.

There are few active events:

Maskenbal.net – Salsa under masks was organized for the first time in 2011, Split. Voćni trg was just too small for all the dancers who participated in Zorba or Cotton Eye Joe. The best masks were chosen. You can read all about it on www.maskenbal.net

SalsaSplitWeekend – After many workshops with visiting dance instructors, we take them to SalsaParty so we can dance with them. It is organized monthly by Centar Plesa.  All details available on www.SalsaSplitWeekend.com